Bogus Slogan Single No. 2

Bogus Slogan's new album is finished. Thirteen songs about the world we live in. With hooks galore and, elegant riffs that will stay immersed inside your brain. Sonic anthems that could change your life. You just have to wait 3 more weeks.

To whet the public appetite and earn money to pay off the cost of getting the band's equipment to Europe, the band is releasing, on May 3rd, the second single for 2007. Don't look for it on the album. It's a single.

With "Big Thoughts" (b/w "Little Girl Cuteness"), Bogus Slogan reflects on how to correctly enter a bar in Anytown, USA. Detailing the proper etiquette for acknowledging friends, finding new sources of pleasure and getting a drink.

Expressions: Your Friend Jane (2004)

So, you dream of flight; being lighter than gravity, but thicker than air.

Put on your coat with the crazy butterfly colors. Need to stay warm. Need to believe.

Cruise the troposphere with Your Friend Jane.

Bogus Slogan Poster #78 - Inside View

Every day of our lives, we wake up to face the effects of General Relativity. Curves and space and time, mass and energy. Gravitational forces and bodies in motion make it tough to make a living.

So what's a man suppose to do to seek independence from gravity? How about some more bodies in motion? Albert Einstein, who thought about the first stuff a lot, sought out those softer distractions. Ol' Albert was a ladies man. Consider Bogus Slogan a devoted acolyte of the Professor.

And continuing to speak in relativie generalities, most men look upon the female form and drool. If the men are educated, most of that drool is swallowed. Females encourage this behavior. Their window of opportunity is limited (genectics, food, drugs, age, gravity...). So for the time that a woman is a 10+, she should wear as little as possible.

Thanks to our Australian friends at Wicked Weasel, Summer attire for the girls is easy to come by. If our climate does remove Winter from the 4 seasons; then clothing our women will be simple.

Sexism? Dude, take a look at the poster. She's hot!

Washes: Mingled With Romance (2004)

When atoms collect together, they let their love flow. Rubbing their electrical spheres as if in attendance at a libidinal cocktail party. Their energy supports greater universes than the one they can feel.

The atoms cling to their meditation; predicting molecules. Devoted to an eternal quest for friendship.

Pull the shades down and keep your modesty outside.

Bogus Slogan Poster #77 - Inside View

With 6.5 billon people, it is hard to go somewhere without almost everyone else coming along. All types of recording media allow all of those who went elsewhere to come along a little later. And don't worry, if you are not here yet, all this stuff will be stored until you remember to find it.

Everyone goes to O'hearn's Beer Gardens in Chicago. Built during the Depression in a "catch as catch can" manner, the final layout resembled a shanty town. Musical groups were "heard" rather than "seen." The sprawling 1 1/2 acre complex burned to the ground in a fashion similar to the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

The local arson squad spent two months onsite investigating; finding 7 different fire origins and 6 incendiary devices and/or accelerants. One determined guy? Mob Arson? A broken-hearted community mourned.

31 different suspects were questioned, 10 people confessed, 4 were arrested, but no trials were ever held. Conspiracy theories abound, but none were ever proved. How so many people came to the same corrupt idea on the same night has been the subject of several popular books.

The O'Hearn family rebuilt the Gardens around a central revolving stage. Every table or bench has a great view. In the building's corners are kitchens with immense beer dispensing stations. The beer and brats flow freely. A sign over each of the three entrances is one of Bogus Slogan's favorites:

Always Party Aware!
Dispose of all flammables in a safe manner

Bogus Slogan Tour of Europe 2007

Europe is the second smallest continent, but its economy is huge. Bogus Slogan is on schedule to up the velocity of their economic miracle by touring this summer. (Of course, lining their own pockets and paying our studio invoice..right guys?)

Beginning in late May and continuing until the end of September, BS has been hired to play 101 dates in clubs, theatres, concert halls and stadiums all over Europe. ZenithPointStudios has been designing and producing graphic products and venue posters for the advertising and promotion of the band.

Bogus Slogan truly loves playing before the diversity that Europe is; and will be premiering songs from the new studio album. The Band is currently rehearsing in a Vernon, CA warehouse - even trying an edited version of "Mona's Little Friend."

| | | • • | | |

Take Back Control of Your Life • Buy a Ticket™ Get inside. Merge into the audience. Dance around like a fool. Suspend your consciousness. Become a new you.

Buy a Bogus Slogan T-Shirt. Wear it. Head out for some Pierogi. Wash it down with a couple of Bernard Speciální Černý pivo 13%. Chat up a few chicks. Crash.

Wake up and get in the car. Drive to the next Bogus Slogan concert. Buy a Ticket • Take Back Control of Your Life.™

Bogus Slogan Poster #76 - Inside View

Prior to Bogus Slogan concert tours, management sends ZenithPointStudio an itinerary of the tour and a request list for venues posters. Requests come from a variety of sources: the band, promoters, sponsors, even management itself.

Some times it comes from inside the studio.

Shop intern, Clemente Francisco Bonete (yes, he uses all three names) had come across this superb photo of two ships at rest while internet surfing. He remembered that BS was playing an upcoming gig at a place named the SilverHawk. Only, it was not on the list for a poster. The SilverHawk Lounge being a small venue, needed no publicity to sell tickets (the show was probably booked as a favor). The Band was playing January 17th at the smaller club, followed by a big college show the next night in nearby Albany, NY. Clem was told no.

Of course, the kid did not take no for an answer. Lobbying at every opportunity, to any one who would listen. Once the poster had been approved and printed, Bonete asked if he could get a half dozen prints for himself and friends. Since everyone was happy with the finished poster, he got nine.

The print run produced 175 posters. 25 were reserved for the band and ZenithPointStudio. The remaining prints were shipped in 3 boxes to the SilverHawk Lounge. Dropped off, on the sidewalk, before anyone had opened the club, a mid-morning rain destroyed the upper & lower boxes, leaving 50 prints.

Becoming a collector's favorite, Clemente Francisco Bonete paid for his first year at art school by auctioning 9 Bogus Slogan Posters #76 on Ebay.

Abstracts: Cost of Living (2) (2004)

A river dead through,
Currents eddy unfullfilled,
Mists falls like ashes.

Bogus Slogan Poster #75 - Inside View

American childhood does have its benefits. You have little understanding of world dynamics. You are not a wage slave yet. School's out for Summer. And if you live in North Dakota, you live in the safest place on planet Earth. So attending a Bogus Slogan concert should be a fantastic evening of entertainment.

Now cue fate and Rube Goldberg.

Originally, Prescott's Music Hall, in Alhambra, ND, had been built as a World War II ammunition storage building. Used by the State National Guard, its location was well isolated from the general populace. Post war, civilization surrounded the building, and North Dakota officials removed all of the ordinances, selling the land & building to private ownership.

In the 1960's, the building's tenant/owner was an experimental bio fuel company whose process used large volumes of water, highly compressed, to "strip" clean the bio-matter. A massive water tank was built at the back of the property. The company went bankrupt and the water tower was emptied and abandoned. When Greg Prescott leased the building, he ran a 220 volt electric line onto the tower to run the huge Music Hall neon sign.

The sign tripped the circuit breakers constantly. So, Prescott re-routed the wires directly to the electric company's vault located adjacent to the tank. Also, in the bottom of the vault, during the Korean War, an unscrupulous private had hidden canisters of rifle powder, hoping to take them for personal use. Over the years, holes in the top of the water tower helped fill the tank with water again. Promoters, Future Happy Association, erected on top of the old armory, a 60 foot surfboard to commemorate the show's end of Summer theme: "Summer's Last Wave." For their encore, Bogus Slogan used 5 fog machines and 3 large fans. Randy Hinds, 14, had climbed onto the armory roof and was playing on the surfboard.

Thus - an overheated capacitor in the vault ignited the gun powder. The following explosion collapsed the frontmost stanchion of the water tower, causing the tank to began to fall towards the armory. At the same time, an electric surge vaporized the Prescott's Music Hall neon sign, making a large horizontal tear in the sheet metal from which thousands of gallons of water fell upon the building's roof.

Randy ended up a block a way next to the Del Taco.

SysOps Notice 2007.04.01

Her face is cracked from smiling,
All the fears that she's been hiding
And it seems that pretty soon,
Everybody's gonna know.

Garageband's Arrange Sceen

Apple Computer's Garageband is a music software program that allows an easy learning curve for anyone who wants to be a record producer/engineer/artist. A simple graphics interface, with select/drag and place mechanics. The software makes the process intuitive.

Prior to GB, I was using Emagic's Logic. A "high end" sophisticated suite of recording software and digital instuments. Kind of like the Photoshop of the music world. Even though thousands of artists use Logic daily, I could only look in disbelief at my computer screen as any attempt to use the program ended in misery.

I'll give one example. With the LinearStylebroadsheets, I take a prior LS Photoshop file and modify it with a new backdrop and text; then save it under a new name. Trying to do the same in Logic overwrites the original file. I had to redo the first four LinearStyle™ MiXmp3™ files because Logic substituted the new for the old. If this had happend to new compositions that had not been backed up.....

When Apple bought Logic from Emagic, I was very hopeful that I would get the computer based recording studio I have wanted since personal computers became affordable. Apple continued with Logic, as is. They have released upgrades, but the same confusion underlies its interface and operations.

Logic's Arrange Sceen

I have gone to seminars, where hosts wiz around the computer screen and magical sounds from complex multitrack songs come from their speakers. Again, I look on in disbelief. The Logic manuals are thick and dense.

Garageband was a true savior, but it is an entry level program. There is a hope and a rumor, that soon (a few months) Apple will release a new "Logic." I use quotes around the name since part of the rumor is that Apple will release the software with a new title.

I am waiting. I am hopeful. I am thick and dense.

PopWorks & Commercialization 13

Miami Blues • Dressed as Barley • Prince • I Feel Finek
Thick as a T-Shirt • Designing Fjords • The Cool Show •

POPWORKS 13a   (mp3)  (58MB)   (52m)   (160 kbps)  (1986)

3m Rock & Roll Trivia • I'm a Cowboy • The Thing • The Black Hole
King Size Taylor •Aussie Walking Catfish • Ian Shoales • Substitute

POPWORKS 13b   (mp3)  (60MB)   (52m)   (160 kbps)  (1986)

LINK is good for at least 45 days