Bogus Slogan Poster #70 - Inside View

Welcome to fun city. Las Vegas, Nevada. The funnist city in the world. Bogus Slogan does 3 separate shows when they play LV. A big arena gig, a weekend in a casino club and an all nighter at Merrilynn's ChicaBoomBoom Room, downtown.

Everyone who enters the club must give 'Monsta,' owner of Merrilynn's, a legal ID and a credit card voucher. After that, it's every man for himself. Extra security keeps the place from being broken up or the band's equipment from disappearing or the club girls from leaving too early. Those who remain coherent get a taxi ride home. The unconscious wake up in the emergency room.

Bogus Slogan Poster #70 promoted a casino show (Liquids Hotel & Casino) where the walls & ceiling were covered with thin 'mylar' like sheets. Hence the name Reflections Dance Hall. The sheets vibrated with the movement of the air. A big name Hollywood lighting technician was hired to lluminate the walls and ceiling. When the music started pumping and the crowd started jumping, the interior became a shimmering vortex.

Almost immediately, Reflections Dance Hall became know as the "Big Womb."

Bogus Slogan Single

Bogus Slogan have finished recording their new single, "Public Love" (b/w "Twin High Power"). Releasing March 13th for purchase. And if our flacks & minions have done their jobs, available for audio play from your local disc spinner now. Yes. You can get to hear it before you have to own it.

Overload those request lines and email accounts. Get the word out to the music industry that you want "Public Love" in your life. And that it's more important than anything else in their music library.

(As if they had a music library...nowadays it's just a big ole hard drive with 160 kbps digital files...Fidelity? come on, who's kidding who...Selection? Top 40?...More like Top 18...Is this thing still typying...)

Bogus Slogan Poster #69 - Inside View

When technology falls into obsolence, we can only hope we can remove it's remaining presence without destroying the budget. Same with musical instruments. Guitars and drums can last forever, but the digital recreations available no longer sound strange. They can, sound dated.

Bogus Slogan tries to not be a collector. Used keyboards, computers, and any thing that has fallen from use is passed on to someone else who can use it. Everything abandoned is signed by a band member. Some items became very valuable memorabilia for collectors of the group. BS enables another industry.

From the poster for the Billings, Montana show at the Club Tears, we can see 3 technologies that are falling into the past. Railroad steam engines. The adventure youth magazine. The mechanical printing process. Should we collect and preserve? Build museums and libraries to store and display. Or accept our future of change - magnetic levitation, computer games, micro ink spray - and stop remembering our past?

Abstracts: Two Three Maybe 4 (2004)

Happy rippling colors,
Artistic water.

Bogus Slogan Poster #68 - Inside View

From their beginning, playing backyard parties until the police showed up, Bogus Slogan was successful. Springing out of these first months it became apparent that the band loved playing juvenile shows. Something about 'future consumers' and 'word of mouth' passed for reasons to do these concerts. However, the band did play a little slower, maybe a little quieter. This time the explanation was about "hormone production circulatory reduction." These guys...

Now in their fifth decade, the band played another kid's concert in November of 2004 at the Valentine Public Auditorium. A summer saturday afternoon that took away a valuable weekend summer night date. But the band was having a blast sharing birthday cake with celebrating fans in the audtorium's parking lot prior to the show.

After the concert, it was chili & ribs at the far end of the parking lot.

Pacific Trust Collection of Laguna Beach
Ninety-Eighth Annual American Natural Objects Competition

The selection committee from the Pacific Trust Collection of Laguna Beach, has sent notices to the 100 winners in the Ninety-Eighth Annual American Natural Objects Competition. Brendel Harrisen's sculpture, "Sixteen Children," was the top of the tops, winning the Chairman's Certificate. Natile Carl was recognized as best new artist for her oil painting "Attic Memories." And Marsh Kon's "Under the Covers" was voted best in representing the theme of "family life."

The PTC would like to thank all who made applications and submissions for the competition. Over 1300 entries were received. Judging in 15 classifcations was completed over a two week period.

Installation at the CityView Gallery has begun as each artist ships his or her's art piece to the west coast. The gallery will re-open the A. R. Powell Hall, March 8, 2007 with a gala preview for invited guests and friends. Regular gallery hours will return upon the exhibit opening on March 11th.

Gallery hours are 10am - 4pm, Monday through Friday; 1pm - 5pm, Saturday; Gallery is closed Sundays. Admission is free, photography is not allowed.

Bogus Slogan Poster #67 - Inside View

Once in a while Bogus Slogan gets to have some fun. One of their favorites is the Proletariat Artists League. An ever changing group of promoters, who will promote any thing, event or style.

People and companies that want to hire the PAL, fulfill something from the group's published wish list. In return, the client's every need will be met, sometimes before the client knows he was without. When the Proletariat Artists League works with Bogus Slogan, there is always a side bet.

This time, BS, had the call. The League would not know the bet until 24 hours prior to the show at the Lincoln Gardens in Chicago. The promoters only hint was that the bet had something to do with the opening acts. The band thought that it would be nice to hear some vintage Dylan. So the bet required that a 1965 era Bob Dylan play on the undercard.

The League gave ZenithPointStudio the two undercard names (Bosso • Talma • Bosco and Marcel Vajean) before the ink was dry on the contract. The studio concert poster was printed two days later.

Come the concert, PAL presented 3 Dylan impersonators: Bosso was all acoustic • Talma was the 65 - 66 Dylan • & Bosco stole the show with his performance of Nashville Skyline.

Marcel Vajean was just a guy who had won one of the League's fund raising contests. Open for Bogus Slogan...

Washes: Attack at Dawn (2004)

Collected against the horizon, merging, pressing forward... not content, not yet ready. Waiting.

And then, attack at dawn.

Attack at Dawn (2004)

Music You Might Have Missed™

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DJ MumbleHand's Linear Style
Music You May Have Missed
Alternative Skirt • MiXmp3 #001   (mp3)  (48MB)   (34:11)   (192 kbps)  (2006)
LINK is operational

SysOps Notice 2007.02.01

I'll do the time
Just tell me we'll make it.

A best band that hasn't.

While out on the Internet looking for a DJ name, searching the word "twist," I found an ambient & electronica artist named Chiller Twist. As Sl!m, he played guitar in a band called Nerve.

On their web site, Nerve released a set of demo and finished tracks for a proposed first album. They gigged in and around London, England beginning in 2004. But nothing jelled - no momentum built. I emailed a Nerve graphic made from one of their promo pictures, but I don't think it was used.

Their music somehow runs, and plays, while burning. They came up with their own description: "powerful atmospheric rock with hooks." Two songs would probably be desert island discs for me. "Lost in Love" and "Run With Me" both shine. It's Sl!m's guitar. Clean and vibrant.

Singer Ra Khahn is unabashed with a sinuous Australian timbre. Drummer Lew West influences include John Bonham and Keith Moon. "Lost in Love" rolls jazz into rock. The guitar(s) solo is trance like. It is fun to listen to. Loop it & just try to pull out of the audio playback.

The band's MySpace page has not been logged into recently. If they have packed it in, hopefully they have found other creative pursuits. But I would like a second album.

"Lost in Love" is in Linear Style MiX #012. Check for a replay.

PopWorks & Commercialization 11

Fabulous Thunderbirds • Art Theft City • Disco Spy & Surf • The Comfy Chair
Valley of the Premenstruals • Messin' With the Man • Beatle Bonanza •

POPWORKS 11a   (mp3)  (58MB)   (51m)   (160 kbps)  (1985)

Guy's Corner • Willie the Pimp • Licorice Plus • Commit a Crime
Stevie Ray Vaughn • Yoko Ono • Screamin' Beatles • Kaycee KC

POPWORKS 11b   (mp3)  (58MB)   (51m)   (160 kbps)  (1985)

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