Bogus Slogan Poster #83 - Inside View

Getting kids to the desert of New Mexico requires investing in the strange. Not a freak show, that has too much realism. An extravaganza which will allow the unpredictable to happen, involuntarily.

Management wants a controlled show. "Thanks everybody for coming, great time. Gotta go. Thaaaannks!" Bogus Slogan wants the unpredictable. Why not. Nothing better could happen in any show.

The band also knows their limits. Payrolls and families and friendships. Lawsuits cost money, so when the group makes a contract they will be there for the fans, the music and their own paycheck. Not for the promoters nor for the sponsors. They are on their own. They're big boys and girls. So if the unpredictable comes along, surfs up.

The extravaganza for Kandy's Hideaway in White Sands, NM was a re-enactment, full scale, of the Alien landing in Roswell, NM in 1947. Scholars were consulted. So much prep time was needed and the crowd of believers grew so large that the summer date had to be reset in October. It didn't delay until Halloween because every one wanted to be home in time for Trick O' Treat. It wasn't in Roswell because there were not enough motel rooms.

What set the stage, from before the first note was played, was the necessity of alternate endings. Conspiracy was never more well defined than by the opponents to your belief. To get the concert, both sides had to allow the other to re-enact their version. To take the place of the "weather balloon," that side's organizers bought old hot air balloons. Two, both painted white. For one balloon they removed as much metal as possible and filled its basket with as much fireworks as possible. No need to describe the elaborate wireless detonator, fuse delay, stacking protocol...

The first balloon had been "destroyed" in the pre concert re-enactment. The second stood fixed on the ground, near the stage, as a prop to support the group's theory. An hour into the Bogus Slogan set, the second lifted off. Whether the detonation was accidently tripped, or deliberately and with malice set off, is a new eternal mystery. But the effect was several levels above reality.

The basket had barely risen 60 feet, but every one saw it moving. Even the band, mid-song, began repeating the chorus of "1000 Suns Known", saw the ripping explosion... The fireball that curved into gravity... Felt the physical blow of the explosion's sound wave. The rather large fireball hit the sponsor's vip tent at the exact corner where the post concert liquor had been stored.

The secondary explosion vaporized every molecule of alcohol. The crowd cheered and began to chant "Balloon go boom!" The band spontaneously wrote and played their next hit single, "Fireball of Love (...and the balloon go boom)." Every body had a good time.

Abstracts: DiscoMania (2d) (2004)

Nonchalant spirit,
Sullen set, broken dress code,
Let's party all night.

Bogus Slogan Poster #82 - Inside View

People who come across Bogus Slogan Poster #82 always ask about our lovely ladies in attendance. It's a candid from an LA underground party posted on the internet in the artist's photo sharing website.

Captured in their prime and expressive to a fault. Out and about for an evening's entertainment. Find Mr. Right (Ms. Right?) A few laughs. Female bonding. Get a Bogus Slogan all access pass...

They sure would have liked to have been backstage at Tucson's Pedrini's Music House. Hanger-ons, groupies & those dedicated wannabes who want to share in the Rock n' Roll life usually show up early for the band's sound check. Using a variety of substances and services to bribe security to gain access, it can get a little testy if one person gets more favoritism than another.

Gunplay is a bit excessive, but beer bottles, handbags and shoes are well known weapons of choice in the short time needed to go from civil to violent. Once backstage, another favorite weapon when disrespected is the catered food platter. It is such a waste, but the results are spectacular.

The victim, who had inserted herself into every conversation, wore the little black dress with extra cleavage. Her shoes were stilleto pumps with a demure gold heel cap. A matching black & gold handbag with a gorgeous Colibri Mystique Lighter. When she extinguished her cigarette in drummer's Benjamin Owen's active drink, all Hell broke loose.

Ccompletely covered with food, including a beautiful Black Forest Chocolate Rum Cake (sigh). she nevertheless took this as a badge of honor and stayed for the show. Those BS all access passes are hard to come by.

Bogus Slogan Album Release

Earlier this month, the members of Bogus Slogan met up in Houston, Texas for a Record Release Party for their new album of music, "More of the Future Now!" Playing a rough final mix for the BS fan club at Big Love Bar-B-Que Supper Club, the enthusiastic response was gratefully received.

Record Company management was certainly relieved as they had unfailingly tried to alter the course of the recordings. Seems that they wanted a "duplicate" of last year's mega hit "A Little Heart." So, why don't they just re-release "A Little Heart" in a different key; make their millions; say "I told you so!" and sell out their next artist? Because they know Bogus Slogan Fans want "More of the Future Now!" Not some past now.

You can prove that record companies execs should avoid being in the music business by getting your copy of "More of the Future Now!" when it becomes available on May 22nd. Make them retreat to their wood panelled corner offices over-looking Hollywood Boulevard in shame. Don't worry, they'll still get their year end bonuses.

Bogus Slogan Poster #81 - Inside View

In the 1960's, "Feed Your Head" was a mantra for Youth to travel beyond their limits. Drugs, Sex, Rock n' Roll. Got your passport? Got your connection? Ride, Captain ride. Most came for the cheap thrills, but a minority began a search for their souls.

Ground Zero for the apex of this story arc was San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury District. Soon overrunned by opportunists and tourists, the golden age faded within a summer. Yet the ripples of this cultural shaking moved through out the world.

Hence, when Bogus Slogan play White River, Arkansas, they were hardly prepared for a Southern parade of hippiedom. Those good times were nearly a decade past. But, long hair, paisley clothing and personal freak flags filled Pales • House of Sound & Vision. Opening act, the Scripted Fade were cheered for their Seeds/Standells style garage rock. However, second bill Brain Inside Girlfriend, a blues/boogie band, were almost booed off the stage.

In a slight panic, the band ditched their current playlist of surrealist progressive rock. Returning to the music from the 60's, playing Quicksilver Messenger Service, Moby Grape, Jefferson Airplane... Bogus Slogan restored White River to its proper place as the center of the universe.

In eulogy, the band's last encore was an extended jam of Neil Young's (Buffalo Springfield) "Expecting to Fly." After the final chorus & fade, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. All things must past.

Music You Might Have Missed™

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Know when to shift into a new groove. Don't make the mistake of hanging on.

Don't be a rookie.

Bogus Slogan Poster #80 - Inside View

"RENO The biggest little city in the world." Isn't that a great catch phrase. Of course a couple hundred years ago it was a meadow, wild with flowers, occasionaly flooded by the Truckee River. Only then, it was a river with no name. A meadow with no name. And you could probably smell the flowers.

So when the Political Chanting Society of the Reno Floodplain organized, their mission goal was to restore the greater Reno area back to a more pastoral environment. Removing all human habitation south of downtown and turning nearby Sparks, Nevada into a nature preserve. Their focus was legislation to limit city population to pre World War II levels.

Acting during an economic downturn, as casinos fell into bankruptcy, the PCS / RF rented out Luck'y Ballroom in the nearly defunct Pearly Gates Casino. Trying to raise money anyway they could, they hired Bogus Slogan for a fund raiser concert. Problems began when the band's contract rider was returned with huge red "X"s through most of the cushy provisions. It seems the Political Chanting Society was a bunch of cheap ascetics.

BS management immediately cancelled, then re-opened negotiations at a higher performance price. Since the Society had made dozens of committments, which failing to meet would damage their viability, they agreed to the increase.

The party was on. Bogus Slogan brought their own.

Photos: Flowers (2007)

Spectrum Yellow (2007)

Here are a couple of examples of the close up lens/filter. On the web, at 72dpi, you get a good representation of the photograph. A little sharpening from a Photoshop software filter is the only necessary adjustment. A 16" x 20" would not be stretching the capacities of the Canon 250D.

Using a smaller F-Stop adds more flowers from the "background." The close up lens allows the first blossom to stay in focus. Pack the tripod and if you have a remote trigger for the camera's shutter, all the better. What could be nicer than taking pictures of your world.

Spectrum Red Orange (2007)

SysOps Notice 2007.05.01

In the glass I saw strange reflection
Was that lonely woman really me?

When I go out to photograph the world, I take as little as possible - taking pictures mostly of vintage signs, abandoned structures and trains. Photographing trains can mean taking a long hike to find the right location. You don't want to return to the car to get another lens. I use two zoom lenses, 28mm to 70mm and 70mm to 200mm. They cover nearly every situation. I have used specialty lenses, but the added weight and bulk mean they were rarely used.

Tripods are a necessity. Only in bright sunlight will shakey hand held shots work because a fast shutter speed stops the motion. Holding the bigger 70/200 lens is not easy. The tripod is a little awkward to transport. It does add weight and bulk, but that stability is welcomed because you do get the shot.

Attached to the top of the tripod is a head. It allow the camera to be rotated and tilted. For years I used an inexpensive top. With knobs that refused to turn smoothly, I routinely cursed my desire to save money. I also used an inexpensive "quick release" plate system that did not always lock the camera in place. Trying to make a change as the train came closer was a ballet in tension. Many times the train passed missing its closeup.

Enter Photoshop TV and Scott Kelby. pTV is a free weekly video download that gives tips on using PS. Also Kelby and his co-horts recommend products and seminars to enhance your photography experience.

Two products that Scott recommended have removed a constant frustation and enlarged the scope of photography I shoot. The expensive is ReallyRightStuff's tripod ballhead. It just works. No extraneous thoughts. Their quick release plates change from vertical to horizontal on "top" of the ball head. You do not need to move the tripod to recompose the new shot. When I shoot sunsets, I go back and forth many times. Before RRS, I would have to move the tripod to "line up" the sun. No more...

Inexpensive compared to a true macro lens, Canon 250D Close-up Lens (comes in many mm sizes) attaches to the front of your favorite lens. Now get up close, focus, shoot. Finished with the macro shot. Unscrew the filter/lens, put it back in its plastic case, slip it in your pocket. Yes, in your pocket.

I now have an enlarged palette (a good thing). Flowers, textures and patterns. Thanks Scott. I owe you a beer or two.

PopWorks & Commercialization 14

Ian Shoales • Viva Las Vegas • Cadillac Heaven • Backward Masking
Texas Radio • Strummer College • Messin' w/ the Kid

POPWORKS 14a   (mp3)  (58MB)   (52m)   (160 kbps)  (1986)

Best Hot Dog in Soho • Fortunate Son • Queen Harry • 976 TEEN
Mostly Undead • Byrds • Ed Stiffner • King Crimson

POPWORKS 14b   (mp3)  (60MB)   (52m)   (160 kbps)  (1986)

LINK is good for at least 45 days

Bogus Slogan Poster #79 - Inside View

In the early 1990's, when some English guys combined Phil Spector's 'Wall of Sound' feel with the drone style of India's Raga and mixed in some German Sturm und DrangBogus Slogan was very impressed. Jumping on the bandwagon, the band embraced the Shoegazing music scene as if a beautful woman had found a credit card on a public sidewalk.

Over on the North shore of Kauai, Hawaii, someone built Kotton Kandys. It should have been built near the docks of Hoboken, NJ. The walls were painted flat black and glossy silver. On the ceiling was this weird wispy fuzz (surely a fire hazard) spray painted pink. Patrons sustained an overwhelming sense of the surreal upon entry. Underneath this frizz coiffure, Bogus Slogan plugged in, stomped on their pedals and flooded the club with a dreamy opalescent atmosphere of etherealness. Kind of matched the decor.

There is talk of a return of this genre, "nu-gaze." Will Bogus Slogan step on the bandwagon again? Maybe. Performing on stage you can wear your favorite fashions and not have to change for the after party.

Girls, be sure to use that card at Wearing little to nothing is always a blessing.