Bogus Slogan Cruise Ship Tour
Spring Break 2007

Launching this Sunday, the S.S. Bogus Slogan will cruise the Mexican Riviera, returning to San Diego, CA one week later. 540 lucky fans will be able to attend all of the five scheduled band concerts:

Monday's show is "The 60's Revisited." Tuesday - "Nothing But Covers." Wednesday will be a meet & greet with the band in the Triton Lounge (Mid-ship, starboard side). A preview of the upcoming European Tour concert playlist is Thursday's show. On Friday, the band rocks the harbor of Acapulco, Mexico - playing the greatest hits on the ship's fantail. A special dinner/dance in the Paradise Reef Ballroom concludes the music programming on Saturday.

Ticket sales, bought through the BS's fan club, sold out in 65 days. The fastest sales conversion the Zuniga Point Marine Cruise Line, Ltd. has ever had for one of their private charters. The company's flagship, the Maracaibo Deep, has been renamed the S.S. Bogus Slogan for the duration of the cruise. All fan club members on board receive a signed by the band print of the Bogus Slogan "Safe Harbor" Poster.

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Bogus Slogan Poster #74 - Inside View

Summer time and the living is easy. Forget your troubles. Forget the troubles of others. Embrace the surf, sun and sand. Doesn't matter, surfboard, skimboard or swim fins - just flop yourself in that water. (Remember, sunscreen) Open up your ears to the Victoria Beach Summer Music Festival in Laguna Beach, California.

Up and running for nearly a decade, the VB festival brings together the best of the Southern California surf bands. Six string heaven, with hours of pure reverb love.

Bogus Slogan cut its teeth on the pioneers of surf music, whose songs, such as "Walk Don't Run" and "Let's Go Trippin'" defined the genre." While the band has moved beyond its roots music, the guys never mind dusting off the old charts for the hits from their first EP, "Jumpstart" and album, "Shore Break."

This 2005 concert included the premier cover band The Surfliners. Their specialty? Early Bogus Slogan. Talk about a small world. Both bands shared the stage for the good part of an hour riding the same musical waves.

Bogus Slogan DVD: The Heat Club
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Available now, but in the works for the longest of times, Bogus Slogan's 1977 show at Montreal's Heat Club, has finally been released as a combination DVD/CD. Here for the first and only time is the BS lost epic, "Mona's Little Friend." A 45 minute tour into Mona the groupie's favorite fever dream.

The song, which was rehearsed for over 2 months, was too complex for the band to enjoy playing night after night. It was abandoned a week after the tour had started. This is the only known performance where a recording survived.

However, these master tapes were lifted from the recording van and went missing for nearly 2 decades. It was always assumed that the tape operator, Mic Fransine, had been the lifter, but no evidence of wrongdoing was ever found. Rumors of the tapes existance came from a fan of the band in the late 1990's. In 2002, a raid on an Internet music collector's home in Turku, Finland, revealled a horde of lost studio master tapes from the 1970's and 1980's. BubblePop, The Vacant Saints, NuvaLucks, The Straportines... Bogus Slogan @ the Heat Club.

Further investigation showed that the collector had no tape machine/mixing board with which to play back any of the tapes. He stored them in a china cabinet in his guest bedroom. Occasionally he would take out the boxes and look at the writing.

Bogus Slogan Poster #73 - Inside View

Who wants to stay within reality? Isn't it more fun to pursue intoxication? When mere micro grams of a "controlled substance" can chemically alter our perception for a few joyful hours, why would anyone want to play it straight.

Well, for an alternate opinion just take a look at the graphic (from Mad TV) for Bogus Slogan Poster #73. Our little fella, has fallen on hard times. In fact he is upside down dead - not that he could realize the state he is in. But he didn't get to wake up the next morning with a hangover. He got the Big Sleep.

So when you go to a Bogus Slogan concert, treat your drugs with the respect they deserve.

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Drools Palace was the creation of Bay Area promoter, Willy Lee Meyer. Converting a vacant bay side warehouse (once used for the storage of fruit imported from South America) into a no frills sound box, Meyers ruled the east bay concert scene for one glorious summer. It all came to an end in the Fall when a mothballed military supply ship, broke free, and "sailed" down the Sacramento River.

In the morning fog, nearby dockworkers saw the bow of the ship materialize, slamming into the pier that supported the warehouse, taking over one third of the floor space into the water. With the ship firmly lodged into the dock, Willy Lee tried to lobby the city council to allow concerts to continue, saying the boat would be a great VIP lounge.

Photos: Red Leaf (2007)

This year Southern California had an early morning frost. Probably no more than 3 or 4 hours long. A few weeks later...

Red Leaf (Laguna Beach, CA • 2007)

Bogus Slogan Poster #72 - Inside View

The photo backdrop of Bogus Slogan Poster #72 depicts another bad moment for Perry Mason foil, Hamilton Burger (William Talisman). In nearly every episode, as the prosecuting attorney, he would be exposed as an authority figure rushing to judgment.

This lack of foresight (doesn't anyone read through their scripts) is very apropo for the concert promoters PEsan Fabrication, pyt. Trying to enter the entertainment production business in America, their corporate officers sought out Amusements Diversified, Inc. This concert (BS poster #72), at Madres in New Orleans, paid out very well, but PEsan didn't stay with a co-producer for very long.

Seeking the immediate success of underwriting a big American tour, PEsan Fabrication, pty. signed the super group, Anti-Puppy Cream, to a six month American tour. When the A-PC's lead guitartist was found dead under suspicious circumstances in a North Las Vegas motel room, investigators found over 65 unique fingerprints. Every one interviewed claimed that they were not in the room at the time of the death. The coroner's conclusion, that the deceased, already inebriated, drowned while chugging a beer, made tabloid TV.

Lawyers for the band's creditors quickly set up shop. Eventually PEsan was dragged into the legal brawl because of a contract provision which would have allowed the band members a "credit line" during the tour. Declaring company bankrupcy was no solution, as the corporate officers had tried to enrich themselves by placing personal rewards into the final tour contract. Now, no one was in a rush. With appeals, litigation continued on for over seven years.

Expressions: Much Better Off (2005)

Sensitive flowers collected and compiled. Laid across filters of colored glass.

Some areas undisclosed, officially unremembered. Others, redirected. Set free. Set in motion in a lower universe.

Much better off.

Bogus Slogan Poster #71 - Inside View

How do you define yourself? How do you define others? How do...hey, let's get to the music. Bogus Slogan figured out early on that if you don't got a hook, your song is going to get buried by the competition. If you get buried, the public starts to forget about you. No more sales, no more money. You get to change careers.

The American civil rights movement of the 1960's was a dream pulled into reality. A lot of people did not want to change their frame of reference. A lot of..whooaa there. Bogus Slogan is unabashably capitalistic. The kind of capitalism that lets the band maximize the revenue stream while minimizing fixed and variable costs including government taxes.

As an individual, any dream is reachable. It may require a personal and a social sacrifice. It may be challenged by others who have combined to discriminate. Intolerance and..hey..hey Hey. King's Union Hall was huge. Capacity of 8,500 - standing room only - revealing everyone dancing in equality.

Pacific Trust Collection of Laguna Beach
Ninety-Eighth Annual American Natural Objects Competition
Gala Preview

It is time for the Pacific Trust Collection of Laguna Beach's Ninety-Eighth Annual American Natural Objects Competition Gala Preview. As Spring returns to Southern California, the exhibition at the CityView Gallery will open to public viewing on March 11, 2007. Prior thereto, on Thursday, March 8th, there will be a early debut for those with money, fame, power & fortune (and have the show's invitation in hand).

Experience the famous Oleander Bonus no host bar, available as the doors open at 5:30pm. A lush buffet, catered by the Milliston Brothers of Laguna Beach is set for 6pm in the Main Salon. The preview ceremony, in honor of the artists and their creations, starts at 7:15pm.

PTC President, Karin Greene will present each category winner their medallion of excellence alongwith their prize money check. Afterwards, CityView Gallery Docent Marie Dontellis will provide, for those interested, a lecture and tour of the showcase.

Gallery hours are 10am - 4pm, Monday through Friday; 1pm - 5pm, Saturday;
Gallery is closed Sundays. Admission is free, photography is not allowed.

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Swimming in water, Swimming in water, Swimming in water,
Water all over me

My favorite live album is Peter Gabriel Plays Live (1993). 1990's recording technology clearly brought forth both the band and concert crowd. I think every note the band wanted heard was sounded out. Gabriel had a jungle feeling. A caucasian kind of soul. While the single "Shock the Monkey" has been sentenced to another world, the energy of the songs is relentless. "Shock," in a normal world, would be the concert apex.

I want the song, "I Go Swimming," to start and end the show and maybe be repeated in the middle. Just a great song. Who ever wrote the bass line should be anointed. Bassist Tony Levin is swimming. I like this live version so much, I have never tried to find which album the studio track is on. I even don't know if the song was ever so recorded.

Another favorite was Peter Frampton's live album, Frampton Comes Alive (1976). I saw the Shrine Auditorium show from the tour the album was recorded from. His overplayed song, "Do You Feel Like We Do," is so successful, he is bound to it to this day. I go to the bar when that song comes up. He can still play. He still enjoys playing. A recent media program, Soundstage, gave Frampton and his band an hour. He needs about 2+. I enjoyed it. I didn't cringe.

I find his playing sharp and decisive. His solos turn musically in different directions than all the mainstream that came from Jimmy Page. Love Page too. Saw him live in Los Angeles, CA on the Stairway and the No Quarter tours. But my guitarist is Frampton. Put him in with Steve Marriott, Jeffy Shirley and Greg Ridley (Humble Pie). Give him a Les Paul and Marshall amp.

Then you have my #2 live album. Humble Pie: Live at the Filmore (1971). I saw that group too - at the Hollywood Bowl. Didn't see Gabriel in any of his forms, Plays Live is one of my misses.

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