Bogus Slogan Poster #57 - Inside View

The Fantastic Four are probably the original prototype for a team of superheroes. Stan Lee, surely borrowing from his childhood discoveries, maybe something like Doc Savage or The Little Rascals, gave the comic world four archetypes that continue to be 're-created.'

A big strong guy who can't sweat the details. A leader who can do things that usually saves the team. The hot head, with a disruption weapon like a laser or a fireball. A mentalist who struggles to kill because of ethics. Add in a lead singer with a 2 1/2 octave range and you got a Bogus Slogan.

BS poster #57 shows the FF4 suffering the effects of Dr. Doom's V.O.R.T.E.X.I.B.L.E. A weapon so terrible...well, you gotta get the comic. Can't find that issue? Well, hanging out at a Bogus Slogan concert can make up for it. The fans at the Aces High Saloon in Biloxi, Mississippi were asked to dress up as their favorite super hero, but please, no Star Wars Stormtroopers - they're the bad guys.

Pacific Trust Collection of Laguna Beach
Meeting of Directors

The Pacific Trust Collection of Laguna Beach's Board of Directors meeting was held in the Capitol Building's Earnesto Patevia conference room last Thursday. Karin Greene proudly announced her re-election to both the board and the organization's presidency. This will be her eleventh year guiding the company's employees and implementing the board's business mission statement.

Her first order of business was the public press release of the Pacific Trust Collection's ambitious expansion project for the executive offices located in Laguna Beach, California. After careful negotiations with agents for local property owners, the Pacific Trust Collection of Laguna Beach purchased lots adjoining the existing PTC executive offices and with the issuance of permits have begun a significant buidling program to increase the archive's storage space.

Normal office operations will be unaffected by construction and everyone is looking forward to the first day of occupancy wherein the over crowding caused by the Pacific Trust Collection's successful acquisition program will be a concern of the past.

President Greene also announced the forthcoming Ninety-Eighth American Natural Objects Competition theme. The showcase will return to the CityView Gallery in Laguna Beach on March 11, 2007 and continue through November 3, 2007. Next year's theme will be "Family Life." Applications for Artists who want to submit their artwork will be available on January 2, 2007. ZenithPointStudio has again been asked to design and create the Pacific Trust Collection's promotional poster.

Bogus Slogan Fan Appreciation Concert

Ok. So you like Bogus Slogan. Hey, a lot of people do. They have a fan club. So join it. Now. Then you can try to get the band to play their fan appreciation concert in your home town. It takes a lot of votes. So get some friends to help. Maybe talk to that Mayor guy. See if he has got some juice.

Vote Early • Vote Often. Our special software will screen out duplicate ballots, but give it a try.

If you win, the hugs & kisses are optional. (BS prefers Courvoisier).

Bogus Slogan Poster #56 - Inside View

When Bogus Slogan plays it's home town of Los Angeles, the rush for tickets is always strong. Always stronger, is the rush for VIP passes. Take a look over at James Cagney. He is not happy. He probably missed getting on the BS guest list. I don't think he is going to let this slight go. I'm gonna make a call.

The Rose Bing Rotunda is a small theatre near the downtown grouping of skyscrapers. Seating about 1,000 people, BS management figures that only 350 tickets ever went on sale. For the estimated 650 VIPs, a nearby department store's parking lot was rented, where a circus tent was raised to cover the pre-concert and post-concert parties. Since Bogus Slogan had effectively crippled the store's daily business operations, the company's employees were invited to join the merrymaking.

Upon adding up all the costs, the red figure below the bottom line truly dismayed staff accountant Evan "Deep Pockets" Grubman. Meetings were held, conclusions forced, and a new policy was established. Afterwards, when Bogus Slogan plays the smaller venues, no one gets in for free. No one. Take a look over at James Cagney.

Abstracts: No Scream Zone (2004)

Sweetness Spoken Aloud,
Candy Emblems of Desire,
Always Moving By.

Bogus Slogan Poster #55 - Inside View

Let's talk about girls, women, ladies, dames, broads... those big eyes, those... since the members of Bogus Slogan have all become married... and have children... tales from the life of rock stars will have to wait until their posthumously published memoirs.

But there was this time... at the Lake Arrowhead South Sea Lodge... with The Screamliners and Moon Frost...

Maybe everyone there took inspiration from the ZenithPointStudio concert poster that showed the Powerpuff Girls marveling at minatures of themselves zooming all over the place. The bright cartoon colors dazzling and possibly affecting the composure of those attending the concert. Maybe the uncontainable joy of being in the high mountain air on a warm May night. Whatever...

Local authorities had to call for back up from as far away as Realito, but it was too late to stop the naketivity. Dozens of patrol cars rolled up on a scene that could only be described as 'quivering." Bogus Slogan was booked for pandering, but the arrest was meant merely to get the band to stop playing.

Washes: Offseason Tourist (2005)

Horizontal "fights" with vertical. Paints seems to dissolve as the brush strokes the canvas. A deep dark background blurs the viewer's attempt to define a form. Multi colored "fog" creeps in on little cat's feet.

Out of place and out of time...

Offseason Tourist (2005)

Bogus Slogan Poster #54 - Inside View

Bogus Slogan Poster #54 is for a concert in Columbia Falls, Ohio which BS drummer Benjamin Owens barely remembers. Benni, befriended by a Wakaton Hills Native American, had travelled in the off week prior to the show, to the village of Toma somewhere near the border of Nebraska and Iowa. His friend wanted Benni to particiapte in the Wakaton Hills Festival of Ancestors which began with 3 days of drumming and chanting.

After the era of the 3 martini lunch but before the bowls of 70's cocaine, there was a decade which sought to free the mind. Unlike today's vast choice of drugs that permit self destruction; then, grass, LSD and peyote were the hallucinative choices of a generation that knew the NOW should be a different now. Of course living an intoxicated life means that reality continues unsupervised.

Tribal elders felt that Benni, now renamed, Talks While Walking, was such a good influence that they invited him into their sweat lodge. After ingestation, Benni/Talks ascended into a comatose like state. (Benni recalls visiting another world where he was offered to leave his brain, but he couldn't work the metal can's foot petal).

A few days later, it was time to leave. Benni was still flat on the lodge floor. A sign saying 'time to go to Chicago' was held above his face. His eyes the up and kissed the tribe's spirit leader...hugged each tribal elder...shook his friend's hand...resumed his position on the floor.

Benni arrived at the band's hotel with four notes pinned to his shirt. 1. Bus to Chicago and transfer to 2. Bus to Columbia Falls and transfer to 3. Taxi to hotel and 4. Check in, no baggage.

CityView Gallery Winter ShowCase

Winter come to us a little too fast...

Snowbirds are welcome to the CityView Gallery's Winter Showcase, locals too. While baking in the summer sun next to the Pacific Ocean is a wonderful treat, mild winter temperatures are what draw the tourists from all over the world. The famed CityView Gallery once again presents a full house of eclectic art collected from the archives of the Pacific Trust Collection of Laguna Beach.

Recently acquired, Mena's "Pebble Explosion" (1997), will have its exclusive American west coast premiere. Stretching over 1,000 cubic feet, the dynamic 'sclupture' defies classification. The brillant sheen of colors changes as the viewer moves around. The piece is so complex, it takes seven workers four full working days to install.

Joseph Walker Parsar's fantastic oil painting, "Tyrannosaurus Rex," is also premiering. Depicting a raging T-Rex near a watering hole, its physical size requires that the painting be hung in the Capitol Buiding's main lobby. A special lighting rig creates a three dimensional effect, day or night.

Gallery hours are 10 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday. Open Saturday 1 pm to 5 pm, but closed Sundays. Admission to the gallery is free, but photography is not allowed. Cameras and cell phones must be checked at the courtesy desk.

SysOps Notice 2006.11.01

Why does my heart miss when my baby kisses me?

The Hollywood Bowl has good memories for me, having attended an Easter Sunrise and a couple of rock concerts. The Bowl has been remodelled several times to upgrade its sound fidelity; however, acoustics matter little with the volume of a rock concert. And in the beginning of amplified rock, with few sound restrictions, you could play as loud as you and your fans could stand.

So when I saw Humble Pie at the Hollywood Bowl in seats that seemed very close to the stage, I could easily feel the impact of the individual players. Edgar Winter's White Trash. With Rick Darrenger on lead. Impossibly fast. Headliners, Emerson Lake & Palmer playing Tarkus. Keith Emerson with the full Moog system towering over him. (I had the Moog sales brochures for each module). The Moog worked flawlessly. Emerson, bringing back vaudeville, threw knives at one of his speaker cabinets. The muscianship of each group was superb. Made my rock band roll up and die.

Steve Marriot and Peter Framptom, as Humble Pie, figured out Psychedelic Funk. I hereby TradeMark P-Funk if some one hasn't already. Marriott, a blues shouter. Great rhythm guitar. Great harmonica. Framptom's Gibson Les Paul outshines. Their live album should have been a better seller than the Frampton's Comes Alive megahit.

Greg Ridley, Bass and Jerry Shirley, Drums were an excellent rhythm section. The bass was full and played mostly on the lower strings. Drum were straight, forceful. The band was recorded very well. They selected their songs well. From rocking pop stars to the no holding back rockers of the Live at the Filmore album.

Clem Clemson was an excellentt replacement for Frampton, letting Humble Pie continue a simillar course for a few years more. Frampton released four solo albums before becoming a success. Before Marriott's death, there had been suggestions of a reunion. I would have included Clemson - you can never have too many great guitarist.

PopWorks & Commercialization 8

Mother Russia • Cool & the Crazy • Lunch W/ the Communists • OceanMountains
The Spokesmen • Apache • Art of Noise • Groovy Freeway

POPWORKS 8a   (mp3)  (58MB)   (51m)   (160 kbps)  (1985)

Hollywood Bus Tours • Dave Edmunds • Dr. Bulldog Freud • Send You Back to Georgia
I Spy for the FBI • The Vapors • Follow Me Down • Dick Dale

POPWORKS 8b   (mp3)  (58MB)   (51m)   (160 kbps)  (1985)

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