Photos: Cal Oaks Liquor • Pasadena, CA

At the beginning of this summer, this sign and building were coming down for redevelopment. Not an impressive sign, Even though rusted and neglected, it worked its whole lifetime. Nothing as vertical will be allowed and the new sign most likely will be a low profile corner piece. Probably less impressive.

Cal Oaks LIQUOR, Pasadena, California (2005)

Bogus Slogan Poster #48 - Inside View

loyalty beyond the call. The The Venture Brothers' professional bodyguard protects his chosen patrons, barely bothered by their idiotacy. So a world of Brock's, the equivalent of millions of the bestest big brothers who has and uses a license to kill. The just completed second season was a sensitive left turn.

This concert became a little adventure. The promoters were trying to mimic the El Dorado Natural Amplitheater celebrations that Bogus Slogan put on every few years in the barrens of Nevada. Only Bogus Slogan brings and pays for a small town to be set up to assist the concert goers. But in Poughkeepsie, the band arrived 18 hours into the event and nobody had any clothes on. Sure there was a lot of personal communication going on, but most were into the music.

Both the Men of Hearts and The Butter Flys, were "mTn Storm" bands. Band members would step in and out, but the sound would always be there. Songs did end and start, but their lengths could be in the hours. Any style, any combination could be played. We assumed Bogus Slogan's concert was meant to be a bathroom break. Instead, members of both "support" bands stepped in and out of the Bogus Slogan's songs

The boys in the band caught on pretty quick - started sharing - and a normal 3 hour concert became 15, before someone realized that Bogus Slogan should finish up and get to the next gig.

Expressions: Unbalanced Mess (2004)

Continuing in the "Complete Waste of Fame" watercolor system, Unbalance Mess deconstructs a flight of fancy. Color bleeds, blur a mechanical background that tries to drive through a top coat overlay.

Airy elements hint at feathers, in motion and at rest. A dramatic centerpoint spins out a sputtering ribbon of speed.

Bogus Slogan Poster #47 - Inside View

There she is. Looky there..across the room; down the bar; dancing at the rave... Unabashed. Willing to take chances. Confident, self-possessed. Round happy curves.

However; that girl is no match for Doctor Girlfriend. No one has hair that black - knows unrestrained evil and can wear, convincingly, a bow-tie bra. And with her monotone basso profundo voice, she can reject your ego without direct comment. Maybe it is better we look for a new squeeze at tonight's Bogus Slogan concert.

Doctor Girlfriend, from the The Venture Brothers, sets the stage for this Bogus Slogan Concert at the famous Green Hotel in Pasadena, California. Support group, The Swinging Rustys, were a Buckingham's tribute band who dressed like Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture (including bald head and thick framed glasses).

Everybody, Stand Clear!

Abstracts: Kascade of Kurls (2004)

Bedtime Comes Too Soon,
Sleepy Dreams Bring Forth the Dull.
Morning Wash Sparkles.

Bogus Slogan Poster #46 - Inside View

Sunday in the Park in New York, always time for a Bogus Slogan concert. For a few years, the Bryant Park Summer Festival Co-Operative produced a summer full of concerts. Each day brought forth, from the wealth of local talent and, like Bogus Slogan, the occassional group on tour, an unlimited range of musical styles for those coming to or passing by Bryant Park. In order to get city permits, no amplifier could exceed 40 watts and no more than 4 speakers could be used for the public address system. Even with these limitations, the music got out to the People.

The vibrant background image of the poster, "Henchman," is from the Venture Brothers, an homage strange of "Johnny Quest." 1960's television in free fall.

Original Prints of the poster (125 print run) now sell at auction for about $840.00. Also available are approximately 600 "handbills." The Co-Operative left these in coffe shops, restuarants and cafes through out the city. Cheaper paper, cheaper price.

Washes: Qualified Dividends (2004)

Painting portraits is a tricky business. How much of the subject's soul do you wish to show. Maybe it is best to hide and obscure. The viewer may be to good in their interpertation - too honest, too effective.

Qualified Dividends (2004)

Bogus Slogan Poster #45 - Inside View

From the artistry of Jean-Michel Basquiat; a dog, a man, feet on fire. Just the impetus to get out of the house and into the Chester Randolph Memorial Stage for a Bogus Slogan concert.

This is one of the most popular Bogus Slogan Concert posters. Not only did you get a copy of Basquiat's great art, but since the venue was only in existence nominally for a week, Bogus Slogan never played the "CRMS" again. The Band rented a movie production stage in the old Playtime studios and recorded the first of many similar multi-media events. From which, concert CD, concert DVD, music videos, promotional commercials, etc., were created. In the space of 72 hours, 18 unique revenue streams were invented for the public. When the last production light was faded to black, the entire set was struck, and unique fixtures and props were auctioned off as Band souvenirs.

A small production run of 375, insured the poster's value. Three days after the concert, a popular web site (pre eBay) had an impromptu bidding war. This particular poster had all the Band members signatures from the show. Some super fan parted with $2,100. Here's hoping he or she still has it hanging, because in recent years, auctions of the Basquiat BS poster fetch about $2,650. Profits for all!

SysOps Notice 2006.09.01

Don't stop boppin' - It's only a two bar break.

A great risk in music is listening to a vinyl record through headphones at high volume. One click, one pop and your faith in the human race is ruined. With iPods and Compact Discs, this unprotectable activity has been subduded. Hopefully, none of your MP3s are not from a flawed vinyl recording.

Let's say you like music, really like music. With digital, you can idol worship without regret. Charlie Parker's saxophone (Bird Lives), Eric Clapton's Guitar (Clapton is God). Jimi Hendrix's guitar (Hendrix Forever). You can turn up the stereo and try to space your thoughts among the many notes coming from Bird's horn.

But the real life vinyl risk comes when you crank up the headphones to listen to the outro guitar solos, such as, "Axis, Bold as Love," or "Let it Rain." Long fades. Note after note sliding into silence. Why couldn't Hendrix or Clapton have done this great solo during the middle eight. The ritual of cleaning the vinyl would not resolve the anxiety. You just had to take the pressure to get the reward.

Those who are unhappy with the digital revolution should get out their 1974 Todd vinyl album. Slip on side two - track the last song "Everybody's Going to Heaven/King Kong Reggae" - turn up your headphones and wait for the fade. Rundgren sings about Cadillacs and Chevrolets and the big monkey. It is the longest, smoothest pre-automation fade I have heard. It is so good, you might get caught by the needle pick-up groove at record center.

PopWorks & Commercialization 6

PLO Airlines • Town Stranger • Big Money • Soft Shoulder National Park
Open Pit Therapy • Food and Sex • Popeye's Theme • Tex Ritter
POPWORKS 6a   (mp3)  (60MB)   (51m)   (160 kbps)  (1985)

Dr. Science • Ian Shoales • Bomb the Russians • Devo
Todd Rundgren • Terry Stafford • Andre Codrescu • Dr. Gene Scott Rap
POPWORKS 6b   (mp3)  (60MB)   (51m)   (160 kbps)  (1985)

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