Washes: Close at Hand (2005)

Close at Hand starts with a vertical focus. Two nine foot, "wavy," purple columns bracket the canvas. Then color shimmers are blocked in. A number of black and grey "prints" add a foreboding feeling.

They are followed by diagonal sheer lines which diffuses the viewer's focus.

Reversing mountains of "V"s center the painting. Above, a cloudy mist soften the jagged peaks.

Close at Hand (2005)

"..as if stricken, beneath a ranistorm inside a forest of trees. Falling forward - clutching for the wet leaves, she felt nothing within the grasp of her fingers. Lost to gravity, slowly fading from..."

Bogus Slogan Poster #35 - Inside View

Our little space guy has no difficulty pointing out the great bands playing that night. Little Buddy System almost stole the show. The group had just released their first album and they were on their first record company sponsored tour. They were hyped on their own publicity. Ton o' Static and Escape for Fun were bands that routinely played through out Texas. With Summer just arriving, the Bogus Slogan's fans were dancing wall to wall from start to finish.

The Catacombs Club was a wonderful venue. Lots of energy, fun people. The club is no longer in operation, but the people of Houston, TX have no problem partying. The backdrop image, a 1950's child's view of space exploration, confirms that while space may be unknown territory, being armed and dangerous helps.

This BS Poster is a rare outside production for the Catacombs Club. 200 were printed. Fifteen are in the hands of Bogus Slogan Poster Collectors. When "No Problem Here" was last at action (9/1983), the transfer price was a staggering $4,650.00. In 2001, ZenithPointStudio transferred its three existing Artist Proofs to the Pacific Trust Collection of Laguna Beach.

Pacific Trust Collection Art Lottery Selections

The first stage of the Pacific Trust Collection Art Lottery within a lottery is done!

Five pieces of art from the Ninety-Seventh American Natural Objects Competition sponsored by the Pacific Trust Collection of Laguna Beach which will be given to five lucky lottery winners have been selected.

The Art Pieces selected are:

1.  J. Kipper:           CHILDREN AMONG RED FLOWERS (2006)     Oil   28" x 16"
2.  Rondal Garcia:   CHARGING UP SAN JUAN HILL (2003)    Bronze   46" x 18"
3.  Maggie Klein:      BOWL WITH GRAPES & ORANGES (2005)    Watercolour   18" x 14"
4.  Presten Jamis:   ADOBE AT SAN GABRIEL (2005)    Acrylic   30" x 20"
5.  Tilley Frame:      RR BRIDGE AT SUNSET (2006)    Oil   12" x 9"

Lottery drawing for the selection of the five art pieces was June 16th. Our Celebrity Drawer was none other than film star, Torsen Fleur, the lead in "The Iceman Cometh" now in Summer Performace at the Laguna Beach's Paramount Theatre. The winners are on special display at the CityView Gallery in the Capitol Building in downtown Laguna Beach until July 15th when a second lottery drawing will be held. This year's Celebrity Drawer for the second drawing will be Stacko Record's Mellow Chord Robinson. During the week of July 15th, Mellow Chord will be performing at North Laguna's famed Acrylic & Oil Lounge. The winners will be invited to come and take their prizes home.

You can still participate. No purchase necessary. Place your name into the lottery by filling out an entry form at the CityView Gallery or sending your name and address on a piece of paper to the Pacific Trust Collection of Laguna Beach's Executive Office. Once again, good luck everybody.

Abstracts: Family Vacation (2004)

Eternal Dreaming,
Kissed by the Trembling Summer
Laughing Children Run.

Bogus Slogan Poster #34 - Inside View

When artists set out to create a memorable image, sometimes they don't see what they create. Sometimes they try to get what they see past the censors. Sometimes everybody is in on the flow. Our concert poster backdrop is from a book cover where the self reflection asked of human kind is mixed with an image of physical exertion.

But let us return to the centering of our ego. Placing it firmly at the front of the stage at the IT Club. Bogus Slogan Time. This show's opening song was Fishbone's "It's a Wonderful life (Gonna Have a Good Time)."

Unify in the crushing presence of a delirious mission.
Not one ballad - 115 minutes at 110+ beats per minute.

Expressions: Moral Comeback (2004)

Moral Comeback (2004)

Painting is also about hiding and suggesting. In Layer 1 below, a dramatic set of white lines are painted in the canvas center. Each successive layer begins to hide this strong element, until in the finished painting, only a suggestion is left.
We all need a moral comeback - but... you first.

Bogus Slogan Poster #33 - Inside View

In less than a century, the cult of the automobile has redirected the attention of males and a few females, to the greatness of speed and style in a moving box. The heyday has come and gone - the muscle cars of the 1960's with high octane leaded gas for $0.30 a gallon - but the design capabilities of humans thrives and today, everybody can have their own pocket rocket. Tomorrow?

ZenithPointStudio uses Chip Foose's redesign of the late 1960's Chevrolet Camaro as this Bogus Slogan poster's background. Lower to the ground, state of the art steering and suspension, 200+ more horsepower than the original - She's a beauty. Only, gas is now an investment and you share your patch of the road with lots of moving obstacles.

The gig was an end of the tour date. Always a tough show. Some want to go home, some are sad to see the tour end, most are still hungover from last night. For Bogus Slogan, the guys always take a week off before the last show. Most times they hang out together in some happy-go-lucky tourist spot. Prior to Detroit, they road the rails along the eastern and southern coastal edges of America. With their private train, they backtracked into New Orleans, then north, highballing for Detroit on the old Illinois Central mainline.

Bogus Slogan American Tour 2006

Get your money out. In fact, go on line now and purchase the Bogus Slogan IV currency drip.™

In support of their brand new release, "A Little Heart," Bogus Slogan will begin a 12 week - 50 date tour of America, June 14th, in Jamestown, Florida at the World Famous Tindley Ballroom. On September 15th the tour will close out with a weekend appearance at the Made Butler Club in Cleveland, Ohio.

Inbetween are arenas, stadiums, clubs and ballrooms galore. Advance tickets on sale now. Special VIP passes are available. Tour merchandise already shipping.

Look good now!
Make your life a Bogus Slogan™

Photos: UP 5021 • Whittier, California

Shooting trains in the urban environment is a challenging task. Most great train pictures need elevation above the subject and a background that will not put the viewer into a vegetative state. Bridges solve the first problem - except in our high security world, hanging over a railing brings forth questions not artistic support. Getting a shooting angle, with good lighting, a worthy background and a train takes patience. Many a time I have watched the direct sunlight track across my camera's focus point with no train in sight. Sigh.

Union Pacific 5021 is leading its train into the Los Angeles basin. The remaining miles are primarily single track, so she is not going to slow down for her picture to get taken. I especially like the level train/tracks and the "tilt" that the electric towers make. No bridge available, so down on the ground I go. Shot with a 20mm lens, you can "see" vinnetting in the corners from the circular polarizing filter - Kodachrome 64, f5.6 at 1/250.

Photoshop makes it easy to to create a black & white print which I think can hold its own.

Bogus Slogan Poster #32 - Inside View

Early morning, the Southern Pacific Coast Daylight, is leaving Los Angeles, to run along the California coastline before turning back into the San Joaquin Valley on its trek to San Francisco. Crossing the North Broadway bridge over the L.A. River, is a 1950's era bus taking workers and shoppers into the downtown area. The elevated tracks on the right are the Union Pacific's branch line into Glendale/Pasadena. Behind the bridge is the ATSF Pasadena Division's LA River crossing. In a few seconds, the smoke from the GS-4 steam locomotive, will completely hide the train and bus as the engineer opens the throttle. The video still back drop is a composite made from the excellent documentary DAYLIGHT The Most Beautiful Train in the World.

The concert was an unsanctioned celebration of the Freedom Riders who helped liberate the South of overt segregation in the 1950's and 1960's. People left their ordinary lives to make an extraordinary change. This Bogus Slogan concert was a thank you for the sacrifices made and a reminder that life and liberty are not catchphrases.

Anothert concert for freedom is sure to come, so choose your own method of transportation, but just be sure to get there.

Washes: Loveless Payoff (2004)

Loveless Payoff (2004)

When viewed at its original size of nine feet by six feet, the sense of motion is undeniable. A coral reef swaying to the moon's tidal sweep - sixty or seventy thousand flowers in a soft spring breeze.

In layer one, a blue "t" lays seige against a dark purple "i." A distraction to this combat comes from a patch of orange. Layer 3 shows how the painted underlayers are advanced to a more finished painting by bringing another patch of orange as counter balance and additional shades of blue for tonal harmony.
There's your girl, the far end of the bar, swirled up in smoke. Ice cold martini. In her purse, a nickle plated .38 special. She's been waiting for you.

SysOps Notice 2006.06.01

You are a wonderfull person

I know where I want to hang out with what ever free time I may have. Grand Teton National Park and its neighbor, Yellowstone National Park provide all the physical distractions that I think I would need. All four seasons. I can see myself, trudging in the snow, trying to get to an overlook before the sun rises over the eastern edge of the park. Or savorying an ice cold beverage from the portable cooler as the fading summer sun lights the park floor with long shadows.
LAKE JACKSON • Grand Teton National Park
Robert Soelberg (1995)

In a companion blog, "A Greeting From," Family travel post cards are being posted. What a surprise to find Grand Teton and Yellowstone Park locations that I have photographed.

YELLOWSTONE FALLS • Yellowstone National Park
Robert Soelberg (1995)

The locations for Lake Jackson and Yellowstone Falls are easily accesable by motor car and a short walk. The Lake Jackson location has a seating area for probably 1,000 people!

The sunset at Lake Jackson was a happy accident. I had only one day in the park so I scouted this location early in the day and planned my movements around the park to return for the sunset. So much to see, I barely made it back in time. Hurriedly, I set up my tripod/camera next to a woman who was watching her husband fiddle with his wide format field camera. I said hello and mentioned how lucky we were to have a beautiful sunset.

Laughing, she said her husband (and of course herself) had been waiting through five cloudy days.

Timing, Light and Luck.

The Yellowstone Falls is a morning shot and with a steady hand you can match my photo shown above.

ZenithPointStudio PopWorks 3

Weird Al • The Cool & the Crazy • Black Lassie • Concert Drugs • Dire Straits • Dr. Science
Marshall Crenshaw • Aimee Mann • Laurie Anderson
POPWORKS 3a   (mp3) (48MB) (51m) (1985)

The Cool & the Crazy • The Big Bust Out • Rock-a-Billy • Eddie's Sexateria • Uzi Demo
Monty Python • Women with Meat on their bones • Electric Flag
POPWORKS 3b   (mp3) (48MB) (51m) (1985)

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