Bogus Slogan Poster #31 - Inside View

Since most people, happily, hate violence; and therefore try to not support it- the United States of America's military, the best that violence can be, is critiqued by friend and foe alike. Since our Forefathers explicitly wrote that providing for the national defense is our highest priority, it should be second nature to cherish those who place their healthy lives in harm's way for the continuation of representational government and worldwide freedom for all humans who wish to be so governed.

While our three WW II doughboys are not happy to see the camera, they will be happy to know that Bogus Slogan cranked the volume at the Boyle Heights Armory. The Armory, built during WW II, was converted to a community entertainment center in the early 1960's. Over 15,000 square feet and with a barrel roof, the acoustics were tough to take. Raising the volume helped.

Supporting bands, Truth Speakers, the Flats & Cons and Seventeen Seconds; were winners of a local battle of the bands contest. Whether they sounded their best, with the professional sound reinforcement system rented by BS, was lost in the eight second reverberation of the armory's interior.

Pacific Trust Collection Art Lottery

The wondrous Pacific Trust Collection Art Lottery within a lottery is here!

Five pieces of art from the Ninety-Seventh American Natural Objects Competition sponsored by the Pacific Trust Collection of Laguna Beach will be given to five lucky lottery winners.

Lottery drawing for the selection of the five art pieces will be June 16th. Those winners will go on special display at the CityView Gallery in the Capitol Building in downtown Laguna Beach until July 15th when a second lottery drawing will be held. These winners will be invited to come and take their prizes home.

No purchase necessary. Place your name into the lottery by filling out an entry form at the CityView Gallery or sending your name and address on a piece of paper to the Pacific Trust Collection of Laguna Beach's Executive Office. Good luck everybody.

Bogus Slogan Poster #30 - Inside View

Once a year, the city authorities in Radiant City let the hair flow freely. One weekend, 72 hours, where everything goes except crimes against another person. Crimes against property can be defended by force, so the mayhem is usually limited to extreme self intoxication and the mishaps that inevitably occur. Medics and doctors are shipped in from neighboring cities. Something like New Orleans on steroids is the result. Most everybody starts with public nudity and the festivities expand from there.

Bogus Slogan has been the Saturday headliner several times, with the third annual Cultural Jam being their first appearance. The concert began on time, but there was so much audience participation that Bogus Slogan did not get on stage til 4am Sunday. The group held the stage until 7am when a wave of naked karaoke carolers claimed the stagefront - placing three different beatboxes, playing three different songs - then everyone chose their favorite to sing. Several attempts were made to regain control of the theatre, but all were unsuccessful.

Abstracts: Wait for Sugar (2004)

An overhead perspective suggests tables in a courtyard, winter trees providing minimal cover as the employees come to lunch. Coming from the side, sets of diamond flags drape naturally behind a designer mesh screen. Looking up - one sees a custom made fresco, reminiscent of a charming seaside villa in Spain. Maybe, the spangles on a belly dancer's constume. Boy, figuring out ths art stuff is hard.

Wait for Sugar (2004)

Bogus Slogan Poster #29 - Inside View

One lovely Friday afternoon, as the staff of ZenithPointStudio casually dreamed of the tequila and beer to come - Petal, from N•Verso, L.L.C., the Bogus Slogan's management company, called asking if we could make a commercial poster for the band's appearance at the Three Four Ballroom. This confused us since we already had sent a Three Four Ballroom poster to the printers. On speakerphone, Petal assured us that this was a new one. A new one?

"Sure, Dougie (the BS manager) added a second show and told me to call you guys to get a new poster done. You know - today, by five."

We put Petal on hold, began a cursefest, ended that cursefest, then apologized for keeping her on hold for so long. We asked for the details for the new poster. "Oh - everything's the same - all the bands, same. Only a second show on the 25th. Can I get it today? By 5? Dougie is taking me to the Fragging Dolls tonight. I need to buy..."

We slapped on two bars with the new info, compressed the band names and the new poster was ready by 4pm. A couple of days later, Petal emailed a pic of her, Dougie and Blandy Weathers, the lead singer of the Fragging Dolls. Petal looked hot!

Expressions: Appearing Nightly (2004)

Appearing Nightly (2004)

Angular and stubborn. Piercing and unfocused. A new combination with every viewing. Always vulnerable.

Layer one sets a double horizon line and then immediately challenges this figure with dark vertical clouds. On to layer 2 and textured colors, sweep to and fro - setting the canvas into motion. Additional shapes (see layer 3) restrict this freedom of motion, but now add the complexity of multiple asymetrical shape combinations. Appearing Nightly, no cover charge.

Bogus Slogan Poster #28 - Inside View

The Hiawatha of the Milwaukee Road fame graces our Shank Hall Bogus Slogan Poster. This 3/4 photo gives evidence to the power, speed and beauty of steam rail. Gears, wheels, pipes, valves are hidden behind the streamline cowling of 1930's industrial design. This magnificent engine is probably cruising at 60+ mph. Nearly too fast for the shutter.

The Proletariat Artist League combines imaginative people from all avenues of the world of art. Their annual Benefit All Mankind™ concerts are consciousness raisers on the futility of war. Each year a new location is used to help spread the word. Funds raised are used for commercial campaigns to advertise the crimes of despots and corporation abuse of the environment.

This concert was a ripping success. Drunk with Lead was called back for a second encore which cut into Bogus Slogan's set time. But this was not a problem - Bogus Slogan's encore was two songs in one. A musical trick the band has used since their beginnings. The drums held a steady rhythm as bass / keyboards played "Belittle One" and guitar played "ReSpirited." Vocalist, Mason Kimmers, alternated between the two.

Abstracts: Coming Down the Mountain (2004)

Coming Down the Mountain (2004)

With so many years of recorded media and the worldly scope of the internet, today's artist needs only to create - (If an artist wants to make a living or be famous, then crank up the publicity / marketing machinery) - We, the audience, have seen innumerable images, heard countless sounds; and with so many choices, have expectations of paying little or nothing for our art "fix." Comics, novels, music, magazines, tv, newspapers... All are inexpensive inter-changable alternatives. The meaning of life has been co-opted into 15 minutes of attention. Fame, a la Andy Warhol not being necessary.

Before high quality repoductions were available, an original painting had to present its meaning and symbolism in an inspiring image. Today's image "Coming Down the Mountain, is a throwback to those earlier times. C' Stay with me.

Bogus Slogan Poster #27 - Inside View

Girls with Snakes. In their farewell performance. What should have been a 35 minute opening act, lasted 3 and 1/2 hours, ending in a bedlam of chaos as the County SWAT team cleared the Orpheum in what was clearly not a practice drill. G w/ S was a foursome of shapely, heavily tattooed women who were highly prized as performers by the locals. Music was an after thought because eventually, the girls writhed as much as their pet snakes did.

Our men of Bogus Slogan happily watched from the theatre's backstage, as each girl brought forth (from large storage boxes at the back of the stage) their beloved snakes. By the end of the musical part, all four girls were center stage "dancing" with the reptiles. At this point, one would assume that after a few minutes, the writhing would end and the next act, Man and Pearl, would get their 45 minutes. Nope...

Benjamin Owen, BS's drummer, walked on stage and started playing on the G w/ S's drum kit. As a stripper's "bump n' grind" beat echoed in the hall, the remaining BS members ran to the dressing room to get their instruments. Now everybody was happy.

After ninety minutes of audience participation, the theatre's management became unhappy. Responding police saw 2000 delirious fans. When it was learned that cutting the power to the stage would make the whole theatre go dark, (a public safety issue), the authorities called in the professionals.

SysOps Notice 2006.05.01

No one here, gets out alive

In a Bogus Slogan poster, I used a radial blur filter that took my Mac Dual-core 2GHz PowerPC G5 processor over an hour to complete at 100% usage on both cores (27" x 40" @ 300 dpi). At the same time I was watching TV on a second monitor and surfing the internet, with the Mac OS polling the email server every 15 minutes. The amount of computer processing had to be incredible. In the first few seconds, my system probably surpassed one of the original computers, the ENIVAC of the 1940's.

It certainly left my original Apple II in the dust. A 6502 cpu running at a snail's pace. I was very loathed to leave that simple world behind; especially since I had been able to program in assembly (machine) language. But, Apple EOL'd (end of line) the II. I continued to use an Apple IIe, even buying a replacement from a friend when my original motherboard failed. But then I saw the bouncing ball of the Amiga 1000. I know now, I wasted my money, but that machine was fun.

The Amiga also introduced me to a couple of professional programmers writing ada code for the Department of Defense. They introduced me to Q, their roommate who was writing games in 6502 assembly. Q ( David Van Brink) wrote the Tempest arcade game look-a-like "Tubeway." His second game, "Ankh (64 Rooms)," was released just as the game distributor, Datamost, went bankrupt.

Q, coded his games using only a green screen 9" monitor. He did not have a printer. He wrote and debugged his source code on the screen using a special display code to indicate color.

My amazement was so sincere, that he gave me a copy of Ankh (on 5 1/4" floppy disk). It took me a week or two to solve all the puzzles, but that was just the start. Also on that disk were his source code and the editors for creating the elements of the game. I tried to return the software, but Q said don't worry about it. So I wrote Ankh 2.

ANKH's Lobby (64 rooms)

ZenithPointStudio PopWorks 2

POPWORKS 2a   (mp3) (48MB) (51m) (1985)

POPWORKS 2b   (mp3) (48MB) (51m) (1985)