Bogus Slogan Poster #18 - Inside View

When BogusSlogan can play a gig in NY, they toss their everyday responsiblilties away. In this instance, BS cancelled a recording session with the 30 member Manadalla Spiritual Orchestra of ManaKai. They made amends by taking the whole troupe out to dinner at Prestos of Black Rust Canyon Beach, on their return to California.

The Silent Technology ConFab brings together, anyone who is working on removing mechanical noise from this Earth to compare notes, patents and processes. Afterwards the attendees break their own code with a music concert.

Opening acts included a doors cover band, The Carnival Dogs, who's specialty is recreating the famous Miami Concert. Blended Angels's lead singer, Kaci Rodgers, post concert party in her Brooklyn artists loft casued BS to miss their afternoon flight back to LA.

The poster's backdrop is a night view - looking into Central Park. Since the concert was off the cuff, the poster print run was only 250 and they were stacked in the lobby of the theatre as a souvenir to those who found them. 47 have been tracked down. Most have stickey tape residue on their corners. A recent public auction brought a price of $178.25.

Expressions: Pursuit of Money (2004)

Money and wealth...maybe a little power. The stuff of dreams. Pursuit of Money (2004) nicely represents the wonderful peer pressure we experience through out our lives. All of us collectively attached - collectively spaced to keep our identity. We gang up inside our cliques; working to best advance our interests. Our sanity instantly gratified through debt. So - Where's my Money?

Layer 1 uses David Nagel's series 6 brushes to develop an ethereal roughness for our community to float within. The PS polygon shape tool is used to generate dozens of entities (layer 2.) The same tool, at a different size, by subtraction, creates distortions in the shapes (layer 3). Different fills and patterns define our groups. In the final composition, another galaxy appears nearby, attracted by our aura of health.

At 6 feet by 4 feet, Expressions dominate any room they hang out in.

Of course now I see dozens and dozens of kites, lost underwater by three bright eyed children from... hmmm. Maybe an alien fleet converging on a gas nebula, tracking an enemy that just.. ahhh - Let's just look at the pretty painting and imagine for ourselves.

Bogus Slogan Poster #17 - Inside View

BSP #16 was used for the 2001 concert in Chicago. BSP #17 is a "softer" depiction of Faye from Cowboy BeBop. Her green eyes are sparkling & she seems very happy to see you - after all, she's pointing her gun with only one hand.

The Boys of Bogus Slogan believe in the ideal of a strong independent woman - so they chose the full frontal greeting of last week's poster. Only 15 of BSP #17 were printed. Three prints, used at the pre-concert staff meeting were shredded. Ten are in the archives of the Pacific Trust Collection of Laguna Beach. Two were smuggled out of ZenithPointStudio by ex-staff assistant Marcela, their whereabouts are unknown. Sheeesh. Not that independent.

Washes: Fluff in the Brain (2004)

Fluff in the Brain (2004) reminds me of a building with some wall advertisements, painted with dreamy hope and fresh capitol, now weathered.

Starting with David Nagel's chalk, charcoal and crayon Photoshop brushes (series 2 & series 13), I brushed a series of layers that merged (Layer 1) into a warm stucco wall which is losing control of its painted surface.

(Layer 2) gives an idea as to the original wall color. To show that rain & sun were effective in wearing away the paint, brushes (series 8) of purples, greens and pinks disguise, but do not destroy the sense of a center (Layer 3). A few more brush strokes around the edges completes this 9 foot x 6 foot wall of color.

Fluff in the Brain (2004)

It is human nature to apply a "meaning" to what we see. On a canvas - A face..a horse..dark things. Voila! Napoleon Bonaparte inspecting his troops.

Washes are meant as an assault of color on your senses...
a physical distraction.


Of course, I see a young woman holding her child, while her alter ego is looking towards...Wait - it's a young dolphin emerging from the water on a cloudy day at sunset with some seaweed attached to... No it's... No not that... Wait... It's - it's... It's a floral bouquet of human emotions forever trailing into...Nah - A nostalgic representation of human achivement among the falling embers of moral decay. "Yeah...that's the ticket" (Jon Lovitiz, Saturday Night Live).

Bogus Slogan Poster #16 - Inside View

Women with guns - Ooooo - Women who know how to handle guns - Fanboy. Here's Faye from Cowboy Bebop. She is superb with firearms, a gambling spendthrift and is drawn/animated to perfection. She wants you to come to a Bogus Slogan Concert.

Uncredited on the poster are the "Sloganettes" from Chicago - Millie, Nicola, Mary, Janice & Elaine. Five singing angels. Bogus Slogan have used their vocal talents on every album since 1992. "Goof Me Up," is the title of the live album from this concert which has each girl performing her favorite BS song.

Pacific Trust Collection's Ninety-Seventh Annual American Natural Objects Competition

From over one thousand submissions in fifteen categories, the Pacific Trust Collection's executive committee has selected 105 artistic presentations for the Ninety-Seventh Annual American Natural Objects Competition gallery show. Exclusive to the installation, will be Joan Tolles' historic "Flash Runway" kinetic sculpture and Marco Torres' "lending" collages.

The 2006 ANO Competition Poster from ZenithPointStudio uses Robert Soelberg's Ruckus Amuckus (2006) digital graphic as its image centerpiece. This time, the ZPS logo is melting as it tries to absorb all the color it sees.

Admission to the gallery is free, but photography is not allowed. Cameras and cell phones must be checked at the courtesy desk.

Catalina Island 2006.02.07

Smoke from the fire in the Cleveland National Forest has been blown out to sea by the Santa Ana winds. The northern third of Catalina Island is obscured by the plume trail.

Bogus Slogan Poster #15 - Inside View

You can not find a bad angle to photograph the U.S.S. Missouri. Most modern battleships look top heavy. Older battleships were flatirons. The Iowa Class BB were drop dead gorgeous. BSP #15 shows that the girls like this fighting lady too.

BogusSlogan had completed a five month southern hemisphere tour of Australia, India, China...After a two week bachanal in Las Vegas, the Slogan began a four month assault of North America; ending with an October residency at the "Purple Wall" in Reno, Nevada.

The DownTown Seattle Capitol Theatre concert was filmed for possible play on television, but every network censor who screened the footage said no. Their loss.

                            Get the DVD.

CityView Gallery

Located in the heart of Laguna Beach, the CityView Gallery has hosted the aspirations of local, national and world artists for nearly a century of human expression.

The award winning gallery has provided a starting point for many emerging artistic movements. Recent successes include the "Color Recovery" school led by Swiss painter Olivia Alder; Joel Paige's "Urban Legacy" series and the beautiful atmospheres of Glendon Foss.

Beginning March 16, 2006, the Ninety-Seventh Annual American Natural Object Competition will open to the public. Exclusive to the installation, will be Joan Tolles' historic "Flash Runway" kinetic sculpture and Marco Torres' "lending" collages.

Admission to the gallery is free, but photography is not allowed. Cameras and cell phones must be checked at the courtesy desk.

SysOps Notice 2006.02.01

Everything's seem to be ok. Good to go.

Stuart Davis (1892..1964) A part of America's transition from Form, Shape and Color, to self designed Form, Shape and Color. His descriptions of how he constructed his compositions made him a lovable, chain-smoking curmudgeon. I like his self-portraits. Davis, who painted his entire life, saw "Modern" art at the 1913 Armory Show of European artists in NY. By the mid 1920's, he had merged on to his new path. He lived a year in France (1928), and a father at 62.

Report from Rockport (1940)

Lucky Strike (1921)

He never knew fame (We know the names of others). But he was thoroughly recognized. And I think his answer following the question below, although not fully inclusive, properly states what an artist's motivation should be.


-do you care what the so-called average man in the street thinks, or sees, of that painting?"
SD: "Not when I make it, but the more men in the street who enjoy it after I do it, well, the happier I"ll be..."


Garage no. 1 (1917)