Pacific Trust Collection

As America began to fill in its physical spaces, an artist colony developed on the coastal edge of the Pacific Ocean. Later to be an incorporated city, Laguna Beach was home to a collection of artists who gained international fame depicting the California Region. Founded at the turn of the 20th Century, the Pacific Trust Collection of Laguna Beach originally was a small co-operative involved with local art promotion.

Starting in 1909, the PTC, organized the annual American Natural Objects Competition to expand the scope of artistic expression on the West Coast. The success of these events led the PTC to become a repository for artists, national and international. Works from all medias are procured and protected in the Pacific Trust Collection's museum quality archives. The PTC has continued as title sponsor, exclusively retaining ZenithPointStudio to create posters to publicize the ANOC.

Located in Laguna Beach's Capitol Building CityView Gallery, the American Natural Objects Competition is presented in the 8,000 sq. ft. A.R. Powell wing. The Pacific Trust Collection also maintains a permanent installation from their holdings in the CityView Gallery's main salon. Gallery hours are 10am - 4pm, Monday through Friday; 1pm - 5pm, Saturday; Gallery is closed Sundays. Admission is free, photography is not allowed.