Bogus Slogan Poster #14 - Inside View

Can you fall in love with eight hundred & eighty seven feet of armored steel. Nine 16" guns that can propel 2000lb+ projectiles over 20 miles. Drive through the ocean at 30+ knots. Has three, just as beautiful, sisters. I sure can. If any one ever makes a detailed plushy of the last American battleship, the U.S.S. Missouri, I'll buy it.

Since most humans love Peace ("Can't we all just get along"). And even the ones with hatred in their hearts love their Peace ("Your God is Insecure, Our God is Bogus Slogan™"). A tool like the "Mighty Mo" should not exist.

And though air power made this battleship obsolete before its keel was laid in January 1941 (read the fates of the Yamato and the Bismarck), the men and women of its crew used its war making capabilities to stop aggression for nearly fifty years. Thank you.

Here comes the launch; Bogus Slogan will make sure everyone has a good time.