Bogus Slogan Poster #13 - Inside View

The "Jubilee" is one of the more rare of the Bogus Slogan posters. Raymond "Open Pockets" Barden promoted the concert with all the mis-mangagement capabilities you would expect from a pathological liar. The band, "A Truth Disguised," did not exist; "the Ragged Joy Boys" was a single musician named Blind Davey. "Problems with Duane" was an all girl semi-pro quintet that borrowed their instruments from Bogus Slogan.

As for the poster, ZenithPointStudio sent the separations to Barden's Kansas City "printer" - Wheelock Print & Pattern. When Terri, of the advance team went to pick them up, she found herself in a residential garage, 30 miles east. The printer did not "remember" the order. Three hours later, the templates were found, unopened, in a 55 gallon trash barrel at back of the property. Terri stopped crying.

With the payment lost in Barden's open pocket, Terri only had enough cash to afford the printing of 50 posters on a moldy cardboard rag, 7 still exist. The best condition is poor. The last public sale was in March 2005. Probable value: $215.