Bogus Slogan Poster #11 - Inside View

1967. San Francisco. The Filmore Auditorium. Bogus Slogan's setlist included "Good World Outside" for the first time. GWO, a 30 minute epic that left, anyone brave enough to dance, lying quietly on the floor. No encore was needed.

The poster uses the difficult to read HENDRIX font. "BrightHand" coloring (a ZenithPointStudio technique) brings a sheen to the lettering. Even in its original size, (27" x 40"), the viewer needed a minute or two to decipher the names of the bands. Bogus Slogan spent the summer of 1967 touring North America pursuing the hip ideal of "free love". Of course, they brought their own. Drummer Benjamin Owen met his first wife at the Denver, CO concert. The supporting bands were not signed to recording contracts. All were local SF bands, trying to make their music a success during the Summer of Love.

Of the original print run of 450 posters, only 83 are known to be in the hands of collectors. The last public sale was in July 2004. Probable value: $850.