In May 2003, Hacknthebox introduced me to PS. I met him through my friendship with Sherry Cooper in Laguna Beach. Hack is an original independent. An excellent artist and a better person than you or me. He is currently hanging out on the Columbia River in the Northwest.

Since grade school, I have been doing some type of art. In high school I took an elective class in drafting. Drafting by hand - no computers. I was slow, so I had to take the drawings home to finish the assignments on time. If you think normal school work is boring and a waste of time, imagine copying drawings of doorway construction details. I loved the work. Sorry, none of these drawings have survived.

After college, I did a series of pen and ink abstracts. Three rock music albums. A whole bunch of audio collages. Although, I was occupied with earning a living and family, I tried to keep involved with creating. My limitation has been a physical space big enough to set up a studio.

PS just needs a regular size desk. ZenithPointStudio is the view from that desk.